Why work with a recruiter? 

We live in a digital age with access to an unlimited amount of information. This offers positive and negative aspects to your job search.

Looking through countless amounts of job boards, which do not meet your expectationscan be demoralising and have a negative impact on your job search. The current job boards cannot filter enough information to meet all of your requirements, no computer can, this is why the human element of recruitment is so important. A lot of jobs are not publicized on job boards, so you have no access and miss out on promising opportunities. Let us make those opportunities available for you.

This process costs time and energy; time which you could be using into perfecting your resume or preparing for interviews. We know the market, what jobs are out there and what clients expect. Let us save you time and energy.

Lets start this exciting new process together! Contact us, gain your competitive advantage and let us find your perfect match between employer & employee.

We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way

At ECD Consulting we make sure that we have all the necessary information needed from our candidates so that we can prepare tailored opportunities which fit your ambitions and perspectives.

We do this for a living, day in and day out with years of experience. Put your trust into a professional who knows the ins and outs of the industry and can guide you to success.

Initial Contact

We establish initial contact by phone or in person, whatever our candidates prefer. The goal of our first contact is to understand our candidate’s current situation as well as ambitions and perspectives for a new job and in what time frame they are pursuing change. Of course, we also want a deeper understanding of their strengths, background and values so that we can find the best client match.

Portfolio Analysis

We put together a detailed analysis of different positions out of our client portfolio that match all your requirements. This way you have a better overview of what we can offer and what industries we can cover for your specific skill set.

Portfolio Feedback

We provide you with detailed information about the companies that you are considering from the initial analysis. We answer any questions you have or if needed can get you the needed information from our contacts at the client company. The goal is to establish a list of a few clients you want to meet.

Application Initialisation

At this point we need to receive your CV and other documents so that we can put together your profile, including an agency summary which substitutes your motivational letter. Once everything is completed, we start the application process by contacting our client contacts in order to introduce your profile by highlighting your strengths and ambitions as well as cultural fit.

Coordination and Preparation

In most cases we coordinate the interviews for our clients and candidates so that you have less work. Once the interviews are coordinated, we set up an interview briefing that gives you a competitive advantage.

Salary Negotiations

If needed we can provide mediation services when it comes to salary negotiations.

Contract Finalisation

We help in anyway necessary to finalise the contract as fast as possible.

Placement & Other Services

Our services are always available, even once you have been hired as we strive for long term partnerships.


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