We Understand Your Business 

At ECD Consulting, our goal is to present our clients with a few highly skilled candidates that we have previously vetted. A lot of agencies often use more of their client’s time then they save by sending a large number of candidate profiles that don’t match the client needs.

Our target is to cover most of your workload so that you can focus on your essential business. This means really understanding your requirements towards the skill sets and personal attributes you expect from a candidate. We want to find you the best talent available, but also in a timely manner. Therefore, we focus on only a few mandates at time so that we can put all our energy into a fast and successful placement.

Our Staffing Services:

Easy as 1, 2 or 3

We can provide experience working with a whole spectrum of different companies with very individually tailored mandates. We have helped established companies from abroad find the right employees to get their business started in Switzerland. We have worked with Start-ups, securing them investments in the tens of millions as well as providing them with end to end recruitment. Of course, we also work with some of the most traditional and well-known companies in Switzerland as well es Enterprise customers with global reach.

Most importantly we know that every company is different, with very diverse individuals and processes. One of our strength is to adapt to these differences and offer a partnership that helps hire the right talent for your organisation.

A lot of our clients don’t have the capacity or time to actively pursue suitable candidates for their roles. They must rely on traditional methods of recruiting such as through job boards or their website. Unfortunately, this really only leads to applications from candidates who are actively looking for a job, which can be very limited, especially for jobs or industries that require specialised skills. Through active sourcing we can broaden the spectrum of candidates and contact tailored specialist that fit the role. Our experience shows that a lot of candidates are willing to listen to new challenges, and change jobs should the right opportunity arise. We have enjoyed huge success using this method with a placement rate of around 90%.

This method of agreement offers a partnership between our clients and us which allows us to follow and contribute to the hiring process from start to finish. We take over the whole process from requirements analysis to placement including establishing contact with candidates, candidate interviews, reference checks and contract negotiations. We have enjoyed huge success using this method with a placement rate of 100% within maximum 6 months.

We have always been an agency with a candidate driven approach which means that we want to be able to offer our candidates a broad selection of opportunities in order to also make comparisons between companies. This is why we have established a large client network throughout the whole of Switzerland with a few international exceptions.


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“Eric and his team helped us hire our new Sales Team in a matter of weeks! They connected us with qualified candidates and facilitated all the interviews.”



Why Choose Us

Fast Hiring Process

There is a battle for top talent, especially within certain industries such as tech, aviation or logistics. We can offer an existing network of top specialists we work with or also actively source top candidates in a timely manner. As we restrict ourselves to a certain amount of mandates, this allows us to create great value in a short time frame.

Communication is Key

We believe that communication between recruiter, client and candidate forms the core of any successful job search and placement. These relationships define our success which is why we try and nurture long term partnerships as best as we can.

Large Talent Pool

We have established a broad portfolio of specialists within our industry domains. On top of that, we have also established a very broad personal network that helps us directly approach potential candidates outside of our direct network.

Local & Remote

In todays day and age of digitalisation, the human factor becomes more and more important. Our consultants work either on location or remotely according to your needs.

Low Fees

ECD Consulting stands for professional, timely and unobtrusive advice, only in this way is it possible for us to accelerate the recruitment process for all parties and to keep the costs low.

Custom Consulting

We understand that every person is unique, which is why we strive to find out how his personal strengths, goals and wishes best fit for our customers